27 Mar 2015
Seniors Netball End of Season Match Report

1st Team Netball Report

The first team has had an unforgettable season this year. Playing 24 matches this season and going to two major competitions. The 1st VII have proved themselves a very worthy side.

The start of the season players portrayed passion, commitment and loyalty to Netball, enjoying our mini tour to Bradfield and becoming victorious with a win of 34 – 29. All of our devotion and sporting prowess paid off when the 1st VII advanced to the County School Tournament held at Bromsgrove. RGS put everything that we have ever learnt into the matches against very strong schools with the likes of Bromsgrove and Kings and thankfully all our hard work paid off and we won overall allowing us to progress onto the regional school finals in the new year.

Regionals was gripping with the 1st VII playing rigorous netball against very difficult sides in appalling weather. Unfortunately we came in 4th behind the overall winners in our group. I was so proud of my team as they showed great dedication and ability not allowing any obstacle stopping them play the best they could possibly play.

However we didn’t let that down hearten us as we knew what a talented side we were. We then focused all of our attention and training towards Superball on the 20th of March against our local rivals Kings. Words can’t describe how proud I was to lead such an exceptional team in the astonishing Worcester arena. The game was very thrilling leading many spectators to bite their nails in suspense of the score. We were very relieved to win the first ever University of Worcester Challenge Cup and made the 1st VII season the greatest, memorable and outstanding season yet. I will be very sad to leave this strong side as I have created so many lasting memories and friendships with each player. I wish the next 1st VII all the best and hope they can make their season incredible as well.

Frankie Subert

2nd Team Netball Report

'Sports do not build character, they reveal it'

The RGS 2nd team proved their worth this season through solidarity, commitment and enthusiasm. The impressive 77% success rate shows the proficiency of the 17 girls who donned the RGS dress, and their passion for both the game and the success of the team. By winning 13 matches and only losing to two commendable sides, Bromsgrove and Kings, this year was one of the most successful 2nd teams of RGS history.

As a captain, I am acknowledged to be fanatic about playing for the RGS 2nds, and despite my love for the game, this enthusiasm is solely down to the joy of playing with such great fun girls. Throughout the season the friendships developed improved our teamwork and made the relentless training enjoyable. It must be said that any friendship made made in an RGS netball team will be a true friendship for life. This team is decently no exception.

I must do a shout out to the original team members for their commitment to the game, but also the U16 girls for bring an element of humour to every matched played. As an original member of the 2013 RGS 2nd team (along with Nini Silvester) I must recognise the satisfying win against New College Swindon as my peak moment of the season. I'd like to thank the girls for making my last year of netball at RGS so special, and I am so exited to see what next year holds for this astonishing team as the legacy of the RGS seconds continues.

Annie Newland

3rd Team Netball Report

Over the course of the netball season the 3rd VII netball team participated in 11 games, of which 4 were won. Unfortunately, the season started off with a defeat of 17 – 23, against Wolverhampton Grammar School. However, we turned our game around and won our next game 16 – 7 against Malvern St James. From then on there was a mixture of wins and losses, with a particular highlight being a 37 – 6 win against Princethorpe College. All of these goals were down to our shooters, Carys Selvey and Marcy Dickinson, who worked well together in the D to score some outstanding goals. Into the centre court Ellie Muckle, Lucy Darby, Rose Bevan-Smith and Katy Hobbs gelled well together to keep the ball moving down the court. In defence Katy Fellows, Clare Mullins, Danny Lawson and Georgie Sanders all made some great interceptions, throughout the season. As a team, alongside our coach Mr Shorrocks, we were able to work out strategic plans to help us win against some of our biggest rival schools. The team also benefited from the help of Mrs Curtis, who always knew how to raise our spirits to help us achieve some great victories. Overall, the 3rd team had an enjoyable season and we would like to thank our coaches for their continued support and enthusiasm throughout the season.

Katy Hobbs

4th Team Netball Report

Last year, the 4th team (U16B) took on a number of different schools in order too try and defeat them. We didn’t get off to the best of starts, losing our first three matches but with our eager determination at weekly training sessions with Mr Shorrocks and Miss Pollard we finally got the hang of playing together as a team and things began to look better. Our strong team of defence, Lydia Hough, Grace Pritchard and Izzy Marshall; the attackers, Izzy Corlett and Eleanor Hall; and the shooters, Liv Roberts, Megan Nolan and Abi Elsworth started to excel and as a result we dominated the next three matches and went on to winning them all. To finish the season, the team played our rival school, Kings; the girls fought throughout the whole match and after a very tight game, we came away with a win; which just topped off a perfect season. Next year the girls are hoping to make a bigger comeback and raise their standards even higher. Bring on the next netball season!

Abi Elsworth