27 Mar 2015
U13 Netball End of Season Report

U13A Team Netball Report

With a very successful season, as a team the U13 A's played some very impressive netball. With a total of 7 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses. As we came into the city cup, we had our heads held high and hoped for the day to end well. Overall we won all of our match which then took us through to the county cup. With extra training sessions and practises we went to the county cup as a strong team. At the end of the county cup we came away as 3rd place to some very impressive teams. We have had a very impressive and enjoyable season with everybody improving great amounts. Hannah Middleton and I have loved sharing the captains position and both feel very impressed with our team and our play. Overall we scored 249 goals, not including the tournaments. We can not wait for next season and we have great hopes for our matches next year.

All in all 2014 and 2015 have been an extremely good year for the U13 A team.(not including tournaments). We have improved massively from shooting techniques to simple passing and movements of play. We have played lots of matches and thoroughly enjoyed them taking them one by one. During these matches we have had the challenging match of RGSW VS KINGS which ended with the a suitable score 25-25.

On behalf of Jemma and I we would like to thank Mrs Curtis and Miss Pollard say thank you for all your inputs and coaching thank you very much for a lovely season.


Hannah Middleton

Jemma Moseley

U13B Team Netball Report

The U13 Bs may have had a slightly shaky start to the season, however we soon all came together and started becoming good competition for our opponents. Our defence this year have done particularly well and have managed to stop or prevent many goals. Our attack have much improved and we have all started collaborating as a team to try to outwit our opponents. Sadly we were defeated by Kings 11-17. But we stayed strong throughout the match and even managed to win the third quarter. In the end though, their accurate shooting won the day. Overall U13 Bs have had a brilliant season, even if the results have not reflected this. We have worked hard on many aspects of the game and this is starting to pay dividends. We hope we can continue this improvement in the years to come.

Abi Lawson

U13C Team Netball Report

This season has been very good for the U13C team with some very good wins. The team has worked very hard and they all should be very proud.

We have had some very good matches like against Bowbrook which we won 12-3 and against Solihull which we won 16-6. We have done very good attacking and defending this season and we have had some very hard opponents but we all worked very hard and played our best for the team. I would like to say a big thank yopu to all of the C team and I cant wait for next year.

We all have worked very hard in training and we cant wait for next year. The whole team would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Curtis and Mr Shorrocks for coaching us this year.

Thank you and well done to everyone in the team.

Alex Patterson